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Searching for Sailfish in the Philippines

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Sailfish and Dorado caught in Cagayan

Sailfish and Dorado caught in Cagayan

A sailfish would probably be one of the fishes that would fulfill the fantasy of any angler.  The scream of your the reel upon hookup and peel your line in a matter of a few seconds,  and the fantastic tail walks would definitely bring any angler into orgasmic delight.  The Philippines is blessed to be in migratory path of these magnificent creatures.

Pelargics, such as the sailfish, are known to stay near warm ocean currents.  The second largest current, the Kuroshio current, starts from the northeastern tip of the Philippines and carries a large stream of warm water flowing upwards along the east coast of japan.  This brings about the abundance of the sailfish in the area of San Vicente and thus labels Cagayan as the sailfish capital of the Philippines.

Cagayan Valley, not to be confused with Cagayan de Oro,  is  650kms away from Manila.   That would translate to about 10-14hrs drive.   Florida Bus lines, Victory Liner and Baliwag Transit have daily routes to Santa Ana, Cagayan.   Alternatively,  Asian Spirit and Air Philippines have daily flights each to Tuguegarao.  From there, you will need to catch a mini bus to Santa Ana.

Sailfish in Cagayan are abundant from April to October, peak season is from May to July.  Unfortunately, June and July are the start of the rainy season in the Philippines and the weather can get quite unpredictable.

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Fishing the Capones and Camara Islands

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boatmen gearing up early morning at pundaquit

boatmen gearing up early morning at pundaquit

Capones and Camara Islands are small Islets located in the area of Pundaquit town in San Antonio, Zambales. A mere 45 min. bus ride from Subic or a 3-hour from Manila (Victory Liner station in Monumento)

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Earning your Mark

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Kit started a thread on forum

This is a bit confusing for me, a thought in my head, and I’m just free typing…so here we go.

How do you earn your mark in fishing?

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DIY Rod Belt/ Support / or whatever you call it..

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I guess most of us who have experienced fighting a fish on a trolling setup without a fighting belt would reckon that it’s a pain in the belt area. And to those who are new to fishing, a fighting belt would be at the least of the shopping list. This is a quick and dirty DIY rod belt, a cheap alternative to a fighting belt.

It was a day before a fishing trip and I knew that we were going to troll and jig and I don’t have a fighting belt. I found myself in Ace Hardware looking at anything that could help me out in that area. I came upon the PVC conduits section and found some T-connectors and nipples. I remember seeing T-butt fishing rods in one of those sexy, itsi weeny bikini clad girls going fishing videos at you tube and an idea struck me.

So I bought a size 32 T-Connector at P21.00 and a pair of fitting nipples for P10.00 each so all in all, it cost me around P40.00

PVC T-Connector and Nipples

PVC T-Connector and Nipples

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1st FilipinoAnglers.Org Fishing Trip

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1st Filipino Angler’s Group Fish-In, January 20, 2007 – Laiya, Batangas

Thirteen anglers from the Filipino Anglers’ Forum set out to Laiya, Batangas for the 1st Filipino Angler’s Group Fish-In Event.

Call time was 2:30am at the Shell station in The Fort. Everyone was so excited that everyone was there before 2:30am. I arrived last and just shortly after, 3 cars set out and convoy to Lipa, Batangas were we will be meeting other anglers.

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